Month: September 2014


I will design a custom Khans of Tarkir Prerelease token for you


The Prerelease is coming up this weekend. Every person who reblogs this post with a request will receive their own custom-designed token (e.g. “Hey, can I get a 1/1 green Snake…

Can I get a 4/4 Bear token, with Smokey Bear.




Smash Bros. for 3DS Early Access Demo Code Contest

Nintendo sent me three early access codes for a demo version of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS to give away. Since all of my friends and family either don’t have a 3DS or got their own codes and don’t need mine, I don’t want them to go to waste and I’ve decided to pass them along to my followers.

Here’s how you can enter. Follow me and reblog this post (don’t just like it). The contest ends Sunday, September 14 at 9 pm EST. At this time I’ll assign all of my followers who reblogged this post a number and enter you into a random number generator to select the winners. I need to be able to contact you to give you your code, so be sure to allow asks, submits and/or fan mail. If I can’t contact you, I will choose another winner right away, so be sure to check your Tumblr settings. There will be three lucky winners whose names I will announce no later than 10 pm EST.

Good luck to you!

NOTICE! Something I forgot to mention!

These are NORTH AMERICAN eshop codes, so you’re going to need a North American 3DS. Any of my followers who are in the PAL regions, you’re out of luck, sorry. Anyone from the PAL regions who reblogged this post, if you end up a winner please let me know so I can choose someone else who can use the code. Thanks for understanding, everyone!

Here is my entry!


Khans Beanie Giveaway

To celebrate the latest and greatest set in Magic, we thought we’d give away a free Jace beanie! Because the reprint of Onslaught Fetchlands wasn’t enough (they’re already down to <$15 and Khans isn’t even out yet!). 

How to Enter

Reblog, follow us, and you’re in! To get extra entries, join empeopled. It’s a social network for gamers, where Hearthstone and Magic are two of the largest communities. Send me (mtd14) a message on empeopled with your tumblr name, and you’ll get an extra entry! Also, for each level you have on the Magic community there you’ll get another extra entry

The winner will be selected after the Khans prereleased are over, so the winner will be announced Sunday, September 21st at 8pm. The beanie is only for US residences however I want all of you included so if you’re outside the US you win a draft set of M15 on MTGO. 

Cool beans!

You know what


Screw waiting for 75 followers I’m just gonna give away the Sol Ring now. To enter- like this post. Get 2 entries if you like AND reblog it. Get 3 if you like, reblog, and follow me. I’ll announce the winner when this post gets 200 notes or September 26th (whichever comes first)

Check this out, everyone.


hey guys!! i want some more people to follow who post magic, so reblog this if you post anything relating to…

  • girls who play magic/feminism in magic
  • azorius!! best guild!!
  • chandra
  • magic fanart, fanfiction, or cosplay
  • you follow and talk about the plot in general
  • magic…

I post on card strategies, digital Magic products, and being a disabled player.