Month: February 2014

300 Followers Give-Away!


Hey folks! The 200 follower give-away was an amazing success, so of course I’m going to continue it!

For the next 10 days, my “Another Day, Another CommanDollar!” posts will consist of potential generals for the EDH format. And you could potentially win one of your choice!

Let’s keep this going!

300 Followers Give-Away!



Giveaway Time! Death and Destruction

Recently, we reached 2k followers and we wanted to celebrate with all of you! Once again, we wanted to give away something that every could use, and who doesn’t like blowing things up? We’ve got Dreadbore to hit critters or planeswalkers, Ryusei for grounded creatures, then Foil Arc Trail & World Queller for whatever you want to deal with. If this hits more than 500 notes, we’ll have two winners to better your odds. The runner up will receive something shiny, something gold, and something mythic based on the cards available for each category last giveaway

What do you do to enter? The same as always! Reblog this post, be following our blog, and we’ll announce the winners tentatively on Thursday evening at 8pm PST.

Best of luck to you all, and thanks for helping us get this far. We couldn’t do it without you 🙂

Nice site and wonderful contests. Check them, people!


Hey everybody! In preparation for my first modern event and the deck I’ll probably be helming, I’ve made some tokens! Can you guess the deck? I bet you can. Feel free to use these if you like, print them out at home, etc. but to the skeezebags out there- THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE. I know you’ll try and sell them anyway, and the community is poorer because of it, but you know, all in good fun.

Special thanks to all of the artists who I sampled for this project- each can be found in the artists credit on each card. 

Where can we download these for printing?

Hey, great job as always with the challenge. No new challenge (yet) just wanted to say I really appreciate the job you do here on Tumblr. EDH is a really important format to me, and I wish there were more blogs as informed and willing to help with it as you are. I do have one quick question, and that is, do you know of any blogs that do a similar thing for standard? Where you can submit a deck idea or a request, and have it built or doctored? Thanks so much, keep up the great work! -Kat


I’m glad I can help the EDH/Commander community, but my work here isn’t totally selfless. I’m the kind of person that likes solving puzzles, and helping people build Commander decks scratches that itch; I especially appreciate the challenges you give me because they usually require more thought to solve than the average deck submission.

To answer your question, I’m not aware of other blogs like mine, but I also don’t go out of my way to look for Standard content. Do any of you readers know of any blogs that do Standard deck doctoring or which take deckbuilding requests?

Not so much a blog, but a combo iOS app and discussion forum. It is called iMTG, and it covers almost anything Magic related. Check it out, my name is the acme on there, too!

Fun MTG-related asks (Pick one and put it in my ask)

1. What’s your favorite Color
2. Favorite Creature Type
3. Favorite MTG terminology
4. Last Deck you played with
5. Last MTG-related argument with your friends
6. Last format you played in
7. If something could stop you from playing MTG for life, what would it be?
8. Would you ever date a person who disliked MTG?
9. If you could go back in time and purchase a playset of any card (excluding the p9s) what would it be?
10. What is your biggest MTG-related regret you’ve ever had?
11. If you could have a creature from MTG become your pet, what would it be?
12. What would you be spending on if you weren’t playing MTG?
13. If who you are now were to be transformed into a planeswalker card, what would your ultimate be?
14. ignoring all the broken things it might unleash, If you could have just one card reprinted in standard, what would it be?
15. If you could change any rule in the MTG Comprehensive rules, what would it be, and why?
16. Would you want to teach MTG to your children, and why or why not?
17. For how much longer do you forsee yourself playing MTG?
18. Why do you play MTG?
19. Have you ever competed in an event with more than 30 people?
20. Worst deal you pushed through with
21. Rituals/habits you do while playing (cardflicking/shuffling/etc)
22. Are there other cardgames you play?
23. how do you determine who goes first during a casual game? (die roll for highest/lowest, coin flip, etc.)
24. Do you own any MTG-related Paraphernalia? (posters, mugs, etc)
25. Do you have an MTG-related nickname in your playgroup?
26. What decks are you always known for in your playgroup?
27. Most difficult word to spell/pronounce you’ve come across while playing MTG
28. Do you organize your cards a certain way?
29. Have you ever physically destroyed MTG cards before?
30. What format would you love to play, disregarding cost of entry
31. Most notable flavor text
32. How do you tap your cards?
33. Lands over creatures, or vice-versa?
34. What do you think about the current storyline of MTG?
35. Which deck do you think is the most dominant deck in standard?
36. Which deck do you think is the most under-utilized deck in standard?
37. In your opinion, which card is the absolute worst card ever printed?