Month: March 2014

Karador, Ghost Chieftain Giveaway: Now with more winners


Wow! I’ve been really impressed by the submissions for the contest so far, and I thought it was a shame that only one person would be rewarded when so many put effort into their entries. So, after I close the drawing and announce the winner next Wednesday, I’ll also list the top 5 or 10…

Thanks for the added recognition. Our community really steps up to the plate for things like these.

Karador, Ghost Chieftain Giveaway: Now with more winners


Commander Theory’s Karador, Ghost Chieftain Giveaway!


A few weeks ago, I hit 1000 followers and gave all my faithful readers a heartfelt thanks. But you guys deserve better than a simple thank you, so I’m going to be giving away a beautiful judge promo Karador to one lucky reader:


There’s a catch, though. If you want a shot at this sweet foil,…

Let’s get participating in this contest, everybody.

Commander Theory’s Karador, Ghost Chieftain Giveaway!



Today’s question: 

Who got you into MTG? 

My old friend Gadget. While unfortunately we don’t talk much anymore, he was a good friend.

I wish I knew of the value I could have pulled, I started right before RoE and coulda pulled tons of money.

A group of people in my high school cafeteria. This was 1995!

Do you think Thrun, The Last Troll could be good as a Commander? I’m trying to build a deck around it at the minute but struggling to find complimentary cards


Voltron deck, fo sho. Get yourself a lot of enchantments, such as totem armor, there’s plenty of green umbras like Bear and Spider. Grab any other various equipments or enchantments to make Thrunn an unstoppable badass. If you can’t tell, I really like Thrunn. Now go child, go with my blessing and destroy. 



Working on this same deck. I cannot agree more!!!!!


Ladies and gentlemen and everything inbetween, listen up, it’s time for a little giveaway!

I’ll be giving away my alternation of this Pirds of Paradise piece by the end of march, so make sure to join on my facebook page, Cereal alters. Rules can be found in the linked post’s description!

You may also take part / get another entry by reblogging it on tumblr as well, as long as you have liked my Facebook page and follow the Cerealalters blog!

Deadline is April 1st at midnight, EST.

Good luck everyone!

Check this out, folks!




How would people feel about organizing a tumblr Friday Night Magic? This could be for ANYONE, would require no cash (but also have no prizes :/). I’d imagine it would take place around the same time as a normal fnm, and I could organize matches through Skype…

Interested. What would we need for hardware and possible formats?