TunesKit M4V DRM Converter For Windows Review

In today’s ever-connected world, with our entertainment just a touch away on, our devices, being able to watch anything we own a critical bottleneck. The convergence of various storefronts, services, and platforms has moved the needle towards this future, but gaps still exist. Many purchases from early adopter storefronts, primarily Apple’s iTunes are great purchases, great file quality, features, price points, including a recent wave of fresh 4K upgrades on select video titles (, but some titles and studios do know allow this, and certain studios do not allow purchase sharing through a digital locker clearinghouse, such as Movies Anywhere. This might not be a major hassle if you use an Apple device ecosystem (Apple iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, etc.) if you only buy through iTunes. However,  if you use devices and equipment from manufacturers, like Amazon and/or Roku, problems may arise.

I can attest to this being an issue, as a disabled person, with a very limited income budget. Buying movies multiple times, in multiple formats on multiple services is not viable.  To prevent this from being a major issue, I have set up memberships with all of the major services/studios/publishers and made sure they are all linked. This works for many of my movies and tv series published, but not all of them. I have had to just leave my iTunes movies and tv series, within their “wall garden”  and not watch them on my living room tv. I own a non-Apple streaming device, and some of my titles do not participate in the film/tv title sharing, so they only reside in iTunes. There has not been a viable and legal workaround for this impasse, especially with the iTunes application going from a 32-bit software in Windows to a UWP app, with renewed DRM restrictions and protections.


I can announce and attest that this issue has been overcome. The fine folks at TunesKit Software, have created a suite of programs to help manage your smartphone, audio files, and video files. It is in this last category, that we can find the solution that we are seeking.  The program to be highlighted is TunesKit M4V DRM Converter For Windows. This program will allow you to convert your purchased A/V media files to be played on any of your devices, legally.

First, you will need to download, and install the program, and get it setup. In order to make this work,  you will need to allow the program to close iTunes, as it will need to read your iTunes library for conversion process and finalize the process. This will take a varying amount of time, depending on the iTunes library size and density.


Once that is completed, you can then begain to add your library files for the conversion process. Just select the program you want the DRM bypassed, and then it will begain.


This program will play the program in the background, and transcode the file, to what file type and encoding you selected at the onset of the conversion. David_Blog2018_TunesKit_M4V_DRM_Converter04In essence, it will use your valid license to playback the file, and once the expeditied sped-up playbacl/transcode is completed., you will have a DRM-free file. You can now go and add this back to your iTunes library; knowing that it can play with any program, media player, and media device (as long as the said devicessupport the audfio and video codecs that were used to make the file).

You may ask how much does this wonderkund cost you for this freedom? The list price for this program, on TunesKit site lists it as $59.95 USD. However, if you act fast, they are running a Halloween sale, now through November 7, 2018, with it being 20% off, bringing the price down to $34.95 USD. Either way, it is worth the money, as it will save you money on having to rebuy titles over and over again. The best part, is that they offer Lifetime Free Upgrades and stand behind what they sell. Check it out, and tell them I sent you. As always, keep on tech’ . . .

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