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I do not send hate; anonymous or otherwise.


A Few More Holiday Gift Ideas . . .

Your blog master, has a few, more ideas for gifts for your friends and family. I wanted to tell you all about a couple of great companies that make gaming and Disc playback easier and more efficient. Each gives great value, and some added toolsets for their respective tasks.

First on deck is LaunchBox, a portable Games Launch for DOSBox, SCUMM engine point & click games, emulators, and PC Games. This comes to us, in the community, by Jason Carr, a passionate and dedicated gamer/developer, who feels everyone should be able to catalog and launch their games, their way. Some highlights, include integration, custom DOSBox launcher options, fan art and cover images, downloads, etc. The software comes in two flavors: free and a Premium version.

LaunchBox 3.6 Screenshot

While the free version has nice features, the paid version is only $10 USD, and allows for custom themes, fonts, filters, as well as further development for all versions. Jason is a very nice man, and I know you will love his software, as I do. Drop by, and pick up a copy of this, and check it out. I know you enjoy your games, in a whole, new way.

Second on our review, is a seminal program, bridging the digital divide between open-source O/S software and corporate DRM media protections. It is called, MakeMKV, a cross-platform (Windows/Linux) Blu-ray/DVD decryption/ripper program.. As many of you may know, Linux distributions do not have HD-DVD or Blu-ray decoding/playback in their software repositories. The main reason is two-fold; a move to digital-only media (Netflix, Hulu, UltraViolet, etc.), and membership costs for Blu-ray Disc Association. That is why, you also cannot find free Blu-ray player software for other O/S’s as well.

With the advent and steady development of MakeMKV, you can take you Blu-ray discs, and either transcode stream them on the fly or rip them to you HDD. Once you do that, you can create digital files that have the same image quality, if you so elect. Now you can watch your legally purchased movies, in whatever O/S environment you choose.

The software has been in extended Beta for sometime, but a retail version is on the horizon. Once that drops, Blu-ray decoding will become a pay-only version. The author is offering an option to pay $50.00 USD, now as an incentive to finish the title’s development, and give early adopters a rock-bottom price. Check out the beta, and see what you think. For my vote, get this ASAP. You will not regret such a purchase, and will find it’s benefits vast.

As a final note: As we enter the final week, before Christmas, keep the truth of the season in your heart, and give from the heart, not just the bank account. Godspeed, and I hope you get what you want on your list this year, and always. From my home and family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

A Holiday Update and some Gift Ideas

Hello on and all!

I hope this holiday season finds you well, and looking forward to the special days that lie ahead. I have been looking at new products and Magic-related paraphernalia, and was quite looking forward to certain items.

I was very excited when the Magic: The Gathering Duel Decks Anthology that was announced this past summer. I had missed out on getting these decks, when they were first released, as I was not playing paper Magic, at the time.


Now that the box set has released, the price has skyrocketed to twice the MSRP ($99.99), and putting it out of the hands of the target audience. This is a an all-too common problem with WOTC/Hasbro Magic products, with these limited print-runs. We saw it with Modern Masters, and now the Duel Decks.

Duel Decks are designed to help get Rare/Mythic Rare Creatures and Planeswalkers into hands of casual players. I cannot afford to pay $199.99 USD, and I am sure most people are in the same boat as I. What has been recommended to me, by people in the know, who say just get the decks you want, on the secondary market. You can find them opened, and having all of the cards, from reputable dealers/sellers. They can be found for under $10.00/deck. This is what I think I will have to do to get these decks, myself.

I do have a great recommendation, though for gamers and media fans, alike. As we move from disc-based media playback (movies, TV, music), to online streaming and cloud services; how do we use these for what we create. As a disabled gamer/media fanatic, who uses his tablet/console/smartphone to consume such media, as using discs are cumbersome and not portable. We are all familiar with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and such, but we have not been giving the tools to do this with our media. I recently discussed this issue with a friend, and he told me about a great solution to this problem.

The solution is a combination of cloud service/mobile device/personal media server platform, called Plex Media Server.


The gist of the platform is a software suite that allows you to store your media on a personal computer, so you can stream it on your home network to other computers, share your library with your friends, and even watch away from home. These options are free, but you have the option of adding additional features of watching on you mobile devices, console/smart TV integration, store your media in the cloud, and even create a photo stream sync system.


They offer a bevy of pay models, including a la carte (pay for each mobile app), monthly ($4.99 subscription/month), annual ($39.99), and lifetime ($149.99). Each of the subscription models include all features mentioned, plus apps for XBox, Android. For those who use iOS, there is a separate one-time app fee for iPhone/iPad.

A great buy, no matter how you buy it. Just try it for free, and see how much this frees up your life. Getting the annual or if affordable, the lifetime subscription makes makes any family’s media collection their, own streaming service that they can use, wherever they are, on their device of choice, and content that can be set with parental controls, so all members can enjoy it! I am on board, and will be using this software from now on. Tell Plex and company, that I sent you. Rest assured, I have dealt with Plex, their support, and community, and they stand behind what they sell. You can give with confidence!

Anyways, Happy Holidays! and may your year work out for the best!

Kanyes-of-Tarkir 400 follower custom token giveaway!


I just noticed I passed 400 followers today! As some of you may know, I like making custom creature tokens in Magic Set Editor. Now that I’m done with final exams for the semester, I have a bit of spare time.

I will make a custom creature token for every person who reblogs this post with a request!!!
Then, on December 15, I will announce one lucky person chosen at random from among those who made requests. That person will receive a printed and sleeved version of their token!

I would like a 1/1 Black Deathtouch Snake Token for my Power Hungry Commander Deck.