Ashampoo Soundstage Pro Software Showcase

In today’s media-centered world and immersive entertainment, one feels left out and isolated from the best experience, unless one has access and the subsequent equipment need for surround audio. The downsides to this reality is that to do so, requires extensive funding and equipment space, which come at a premium; something that many households and … More Ashampoo Soundstage Pro Software Showcase

DRMare M4V Converter Blog Review:

In the media-focused world, where content is on-demand, and streaming to multiple devices, multiple resolutions, and aspect ratios, simultaneously, being able to break the tethers to the whims and walled gardens that DRM creates becomes more paramount. Many tools and utilities have come onto the market, but finding one fully compatible and seamless with current-generation … More DRMare M4V Converter Blog Review:

Ashampoo CAD Software Suite Showcase

I have discussed Ashampoo’s various software programs, including their suite of CAD programs a few years back. Flash forward to today, and a new crop of the updated group of programs. If you recall, they have three tiers for these programs (Architecture, Professional, and Home Designer). These updates bring about some cool, new features, and … More Ashampoo CAD Software Suite Showcase