Kiss Art Challenge

tibalt-thenoobslayer: tokidoki-hokeypokey: Give me a pairing and a number and I’ll draw them kissing. (don’t know if this is already out there, but I suddenly felt like doing it) on the forehead on the nose on the cheek on the eyelids on the ear on the lips (cute) on the lips (passionate) on the chin … More Kiss Art Challenge

If you’re an unknown Mtg blog

lightning-architect-of-thought: sorin-my-level: ghostcorporation: dork-confidant: dack-fayden: mtgfan: mtgaddicted: lightningthekid: REBLOG If you’re not widely known in the fandom! Let’s spread the word! u.u I’m looking through the notes on this and finding new blogs to follow. : D shit idk if i’m known or not hey Pls? Pick me haha 🙂 you all are very, very amazing … More If you’re an unknown Mtg blog

tibalt-thenoobslayer: kanyes-of-tarkir: tibalt-thenoobslayer: kanyes-of-tarkir: I will make a custom creature token in MSE for every single person who reblogs this post with a request for exactly what kind of token they want. I’m serious. I’ll make you any sort of legit-ish looking creature token you desire! Nic cage as the gurrack apex predator emblem. I … More

socialmtg: IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME! Time for another giveaway, and this time we’re giving away an Elspeth beanie from Planestyling or Amazon. Want to enter? Just reblog this post and be following us, and you’re in! Want to enter some more? Spend 30 seconds to sign up for the gamer’s social network called empeopled and get … More

tibalt-thenoobslayer: kanyes-of-tarkir: tezzeret-the-blogger: chandra-nalaar: avacynguardianangel: garrukapexpredator: lovisacoldeyes: returnoftherat: Tumblr users who play MTG, I’m a red mage. What color are you? Primarily green, but I’ve got a fair amount of red in me. 😀 A lot of green White. red!! black Gotta go with green. BLUE Selesnya – W/G, followed by Boros – W/R

thepagejakeenglish: ITS GIVEAWAY TIME FOLKS On August 16th of 2011, I reluctantly joined Tumblr at the behest of my friend Natalie as theslackerhero. Being a new Homestuck when it was still at large, I wanted to find a medium where I could enjoy content and fine arts regarding my newfound obsession, not at all expecting a lot … More