kriskurse: Time for another giveaway!! This time we are shooting for a larger number then last time. I’m looking to get to 800 followers, so this one might take a while to actually complete! Let’s look at the prizes: Prizes:  1 Journey Into Nyx Fat Pack (Excuse the poorly drawn fat pack, they obviously aren’t … More

April 18th

kriskurse: mtgcodeofconduct: Today’s question:  Which card do you think should be reprinted? I really want The Rack to get reprinted it a card similar. I’m looking to play that in standard. I, too would love to see The Rack. I also want to see a reprint of Baneslayer Angel.


premeditatedspontaneity: Does anyone correlate the color of their sleeves vs their deck’s color(s) or theme? If so, could you give examples of how you correlate? Yes, I do. I use foil green sleeves for Mono-Green decks.

altermtg: I am giving away this Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx.  Also, check out the ebay sale while you’re not busy  * – Winner will be randomly selected from the reblogs. You must also be following me. ( Hoping to increase the following on here. Thanks everyone! Love to have this!!!!