InComedia WebAnimator GO In-Depth Review

You may recall a while back that I reviewed a web creation program/suite from Incomedia, called WebSite X5 V.12. Now those same fine folks have created a companion software program, called WebAnimator Go. This version is designed for basic-to-intermediate animation projects that are very systematic and easy to comprehend for the bulk of the general … More InComedia WebAnimator GO In-Depth Review

iMobie PhoneClean In-Depth Review

In an Internet-connected, smartdevice-centric world, people seem to easily forget the byproducts of constant web searches, app caches, orphaned files. Every site we visit every file we download, every media file we stream, we accumulate gunk that slows down our devices and Internet speeds, accordingly. After a while, those leftover files eat away at our … More iMobie PhoneClean In-Depth Review

Recover Keys Review:

In today’s world, people buy their software digitally, rather than through physical means, such as “boxed” software with its printed manuals, licenses, and product keys. While this offers many benefits, including near-instant delivery of titles and reduced packaging materials, it has an important downside; the ease of losing the codes/keys needed to activate/register their software. … More Recover Keys Review:

Epubor Ultimate Review

I have always been a voracious reader throughout my life, and I continue to strive towards that goal, in my disabled years. While books have gone from hardback, to paperback, to trade paperback with aplomb in my lifetime, no single change has so radically altered the landscape as much a digital publishing of the last, … More Epubor Ultimate Review

Hobbyist Software’s VLC Remote & VLC Streamer Review

As my avid readership knows, I am fully in the court of having software tools for media playback in various operating systems. While HTPC software allows people control all of their media (discs, video files, audio, files, etc.), it tends to have a dedicated system to function as a server, wired into a home network. … More Hobbyist Software’s VLC Remote & VLC Streamer Review

PDF FORGE PDF Architect PRO+OCR Review:

In today’s article, I want to highlight an important area that disabled individuals (and their non-disabled family members) have to deal with, frequently.  In applying and filing for government benefits, medical records and legal documents have to be obtained, processed, and filed electronically. I know from my own process in this manner, that I have … More PDF FORGE PDF Architect PRO+OCR Review:

FutureMind Weblock and AdBlock for iOS Software Review/Shout-out:

Every week, practically every day one hears of data breeches/attacks on various sites and services. When one is not having their critical data potentially stolen, it seems we are being watched by prying eyes of various bodes, companies, and associations, via cookies, transparent GIF’s, and general ad tracking code. Such intrusions are hazards that need … More FutureMind Weblock and AdBlock for iOS Software Review/Shout-out: