DRMare M4V Converter Blog Review:

In the media-focused world, where content is on-demand, and streaming to multiple devices, multiple resolutions, and aspect ratios, simultaneously, being able to break the tethers to the whims and walled gardens that DRM creates becomes more paramount. Many tools and utilities have come onto the market, but finding one fully compatible and seamless with current-generation DRM encryption systems is uncommon and hard to find. I have used software to remove Apple-based DRM from my purchased movies and TV series episodes in the past, but those tools have lagged behind with the advent of Cintavia and title/chapter scrambling to confuse and thwart would-be decryption methods. Those tools have slow updating and support cycles to bring their software up-to-date to meet these challenges.

Main screen

I am pleased to announce that the fine folks at DRMare have released the 4.0 version of their flagship program for Windows/Mac, entitled DRMare M4V Converter.  This version fully supports the latest iTunes versions (currently the 12.x family), and the latest film and TV series titles released on Apple’s storefronts. This software works in tandem with iTunes, verifying and cross-checking your legal and valid licenses to the media content, as the programs does not condone nor support piracy, and with that state proven, proceed to decode the program; making it DRM-free to be played on a wide range of devices. While you may think that having to have iTunes installed and operational is a con, the truth is that it is very necessary, as it complies with legal agreements and “fair use” bypassing of the proprietary DRM systems, in certain regions and territories, where such protections are provided and enforced. (Note: This statement does not comprise legal advice, nor is made as such. This statement was not made by a legal professional, nor licensed practitioner. You must comply with the laws in your region/territory/country/alliance, and hold Adaptive Arcade Annex blameless and indemnified against legal action or prosecution, worldwide.)

Queue Screen

The usage of this program is very consumer-friendly, as it uses a GUI interface, similar to many Windows-based media programs. You start the program, and it will launch iTunes in the background, and then you can begin to select the movies/TV series you want to convert to DRM-free. You build a queue of programs to be converted, and start the process, and the program does the rest.

Multi-Decryption Window

After the program has run its queue, it will open a dialog window to show you the results (converted, errors, problems, etc.), and then you can push a button to open a Windows File Explorer window to collect you converted files, for re-importing to iTunes or other media players. The purchase price for this fine piece of software is normally $54.95 USD for a Single-User, Lifetime Updates, but it is on sale for $44.95 USD. You can also purchase a Family License, which has the software license for 2-5 computers/users, which runs $69.95 USD. If you have more than one media library computer, I would recommend buying the Family License, as it is the best value. Either way, I know that you will not be disappointed.   Tell DRMare I sent you, and until next time, keep on techin’ . . .

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