Ashampoo CAD Software Suite Showcase

I have discussed Ashampoo’s various software programs, including their suite of CAD programs a few years back. Flash forward to today, and a new crop of the updated group of programs. If you recall, they have three tiers for these programs (Architecture, Professional, and Home Designer). These updates bring about some cool, new features, and have a lot to offer.

In starting at the bottom tier, Ashampoo Home Designer 5 has some new great features. One I want to highlight is they extended support for new furnishings and finishes to not only design your home’s structure, but also the fixtures, furnishings, and finishes. If you are a fan of home improvement shows, such as This Old House, Home Again With Bob Villa, and etc., this will feel natural and extension of this impulse. This program also supports net zero home planning, as it supports photovoltaic panel designs and wiring. If you know of anything about what net zero entails, designing your home to run only on electricity that you generate from renewable power sources, primarily solar panels installed on your property for this purchase.

3D CAD Box Art

Moving on to the mid-tier, Ashampoo CAD Architecture 7, covers more what a general contractor/expert Do-It-Yourself would use to help remodel a building or room, structurally. If you have ever wanted to streamline the process of making 3D raster images to show shading, materials used, fixtures, and the like, this program has a wizard to automate this process. This will allow you to cut/paste backsplashes, insulation, cladding, and other tiled patterns needed for construction. In fact. this program has the built-in mathematical calculators needed to figure out the amount of materials needed, angles, bevels, cuts, volume, and other types of measurements to make airtight, laser precise cuts so the whole thing fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. A much need level of accuracy and concise usage of construction materials.

Commercial Elevation of a Cantilevered Building/Structure in a 3D setting.

Finally, we move up to the top-tier program, Ashampoo 3D CAD Professional , which is designed for architects, civil engineers, builders, and other licensed construction professionals. This program’s focus on depth, complexity. and meeting IEEE and A.I.A. standards and regulations, along with other governing, licensing bodies. The program has an extensive reference and vendor listings, so if you utilize their materials for your commercial, residential, and civic projects, you know what catalog items are currently available and their potential price points for budget considerations. These tools are for professionals and are very extensive, yet they can be had for a reasonable price. This is an excellent opportunity for someone, who wants to increase their proficiency and knowledge-base in the building trades. This would also make a great gift for a student, who needs software to practice with and learn along with their academic and vocational training programs. As construction moves more into the second decade, we will need technological-minded individuals.

You may be wondering what each of these programs will run you. The answer is that Home Designer 5 is $49.99 USD., CAD Architecture 7 is $79.99 USD, and CAD Architecture Professional 7 is $299.99 USD. However Ashampoo is running a St. Patrick’s Day sale, and they are discounted to $21.00 USD, $33.00 USD, and $90.99 USD, respectfully. I know that you will find these full featured, meet your needs at whatever level of software you need, and that they are a great value for price. If you are remotely wanting to custom design your home, office, and maybe an in-law quarters/cottage, this will scratch that itch. Once again, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all, and keep on techin’ . .

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