Ashampoo PDF Pro Showcase

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In today’s world, documents and forms have to be accessible and usable through cyberspace. From the days of word processors and early office programs, the potential for digital documents held sway with the public. It was not until Adobe, the powerhouse graphic design company. created a new, cross-platform document format that was secure, easy to read, and would look similar irrespective of the platform or device. While the format to create these new, encapsulated documents was proprietary and costly at the onset; in the interviewing years it has become open to various companies to have access to the file type, and offer more cost-efficient programs to take up the task.

Sample PDF

The fine folks at Ashampoo, have created a second-generation PDF program that is cost effective and full featured, without breaking the bank. The name of this program is Ashampoo PDF 2 Pro, and this great program allows you to take your generated written documents, images, and charts/graphs, and make them self-contained, secured, and look they way that you want them too. In making these compilations, you can take them to a new level, including making them interactive and fill-able forms.

Being someone, who has a disability, I know the value of being able to fill out and complete forms for various legal requirements and programs. Now, having the power to make my, own forms and documents, so I can have government agencies, corporate contacts, and other influences can submit their information to me in the spirit of open communication and a strong dialogue. Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 now has this capability, and it is very intuitive and easy to use. I can then take those responses and create solid archival documents, and print them on demand, as needed. This is a vital service that a PDF program needs to provide.

There are many new features that this great program can provide. Some others to consider, is the ability to repair a damaged PDF, side-by-side comparisons of two PDF’s, so you can differences and changes, being able to both edit images and screenshot taking of pages for visual Table Of Contents, among others. The bottom-line is that these are all great and worth the price. Speaking of which, the cost of this fine PDF suite is normally $69.99 USD, but it currently on sale for $30.00 USD. I know that if you are in the market for a solid and valued-added PDF suite, you will not be disappointed and glad that you got this. As always until them I sent you and keep on techin. . .

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