Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17 Shout-out

Back in February of this year, I brought to mind the recent lite version of Ashampoo’s WinOptimizer line, WinOptimizer 2019. Now, in that long line of great programs from this great company, comes this year’s full version of WinOptimizer, called WinOptimizer 17. While the same feature set you have come to love is still there, yet they have added some improvements and streamlined features.

Product Display WinOptimizer 17

The first thing that has shown improvement, is the intuitive eight important tools that help optimize and monitor your system, all in easy reach on the main page. Many optimization tools hide away the things you need to do regularly, in menus, settings areas, or in hard, to understand terms. This in not the case. If you have any familiarity with modern GUI layout from the last, few years, you will be able to use this without issue.

An important addition to this year is the ability to add custom skins to make the program to better blend into your desktop layouts, and their custom themes. While not critical, Ashampoo has always treasured aesthetics and designs that forms are following function. In conjunction to this addition, the kernel that the program is built upon has been modified to make it possible to support future updates. That way, you know that this will work with future updates and themes built upon these said updates.

If you are wondering what this program will cost you, the price is currently $20.00 USD, instead of its normal price of 39.99 USD. If you have any experience with Ashampoo, and their products, you will want to upgrade to this latest version. As always, tell them I sent you, and keep on techin’ . . .

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